Wheelchairs Against Guns would like to thank Rosemary Reed and Double R Productions for creating this PSA video

On February 14, 2018 as most Americans were celebrating and preparing romantic gestures, sharing sentiments expressing love on our annual Valentines Day, a sinister and cowardly act of Mass Gun Violence was carried out at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School located in Parkland, Florida.  A total of 17 people were killed as the teen gunman, sprayed bullets from a high-powered military assault rifle.

Imagine the mindset of those students, who undoubtedly were doing what teenagers should be doing at this special time in their lives -celebrating Valentines Day with each other. Imagine how many times the words “I Love You’” were shared prior to the horrific actions by a lone 19 year old expelled former student, named Nikolas Cruz.


Balloons, cards, flowers, and artwork expressing love were all around. Suddenly. In an instant, evil reared its ugly head and now blood, screams, fear, and horror filled the hallways. Now people were huddled and were carrying out the training protocols that unfortunately have to be taught in schools across America today because it has eerily become normal.  Most people of a certain age just had normal fire evacuation drills. In today’s society a new set of drills and emergency preparation has to take place -and “a shooter with a riffle” is normal training.  Think about that.


Sadness, anger, and the pain of losing loved ones are always the residual feelings that family and friends feel after the sheer shock that happens after mass shootings.


The playbook comes out. We all know the routine, politicians make cookie cutter statements like “our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those who lost loved ones”.  And of course, depending on the shooter’s race, we know how the story will be spun. In this case (as it has been with most of these so-called random acts), the shooter is a young Caucasian American who owned lots of riffles.


Per the normal playbook, he must have been neglected and suffers from too many traumatic events, which have driven his mind mad, mental health issue, blah blah blah.  Yes, that whole narrative. Fine.

If, we are to allow room for such thinking, then certainly and without doubt, plenty of resources and support for Gun Violence Prevention Organizations like WAG is more important than ever. WAG is doing the work of ensuring that young people are mentally healthy by guiding them. WAG is giving valuable Conflict Resolution skills to an underserved community. Our efforts, and programs empower those who feel pain and need direction. We save lives.


We will continue more on this particular story but for now, we must pay respect the families who are still burying loved ones as this post is being written. We ask that you please read their names and realize how important your donations and support for WAG is.


Say their names:

Alyssa Alhadeff, 14

Scott Beigel. 35

Martin Duque Anguian, 14

Nicolas Dworet, 17

Aaron Feis, 37

Jaime Guttenberg, 14

Chris Hixon, 49

Luke Hoyer, 15

Cara Loughran, 14

Gina Montalto, 14

Joaquin Oliver, 17

Alaina Petty, 14

Meadow Pollack, 18

Helena Ramsay, 17

Alex Schachter, 14

Carmen Schentrup, 16

Peter Wang, 15


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