Top Rated Gun Trigger Locks

A Few Things You Should Know When Buying Gun Trigger Locks

Gun trigger locks are a must-have for gun owners. Whether you use guns for protection or as collector’s items, all gun enthusiasts are responsible for keeping their weapons secure from misuse and theft. One surefire way to keep your guns safe is with a proper trigger locking device.

Many firearms have built-in safeties, but that’s not enough to prevent a curious child from firing one. Built-in gun “safeties” are typically levers or buttons that can be easily activated. If the small switch is flipped to “off”, the trigger on a loaded gun can be pulled. These safeties weren’t designed to be childproof, but rather to disable firearms so they can be carried without accidentally discharging, if caught on clothing for example.

A fully functional gun trigger lock, however, can disable shotguns, handguns and rifles from misfire. When used and locked properly, these devices prevent one finger access to the trigger — thus making it harder for a curious child to discharge the weapon. A proper trigger locking device has a combination or key to limit its accessibility. While these gun trigger locks work well independently, it’s still a best practice to continue keeping weapons out of a minor’s reach.

Gun trigger locks can range from a device that fits over the trigger to lock boxes designed to store any firearm. Some boxes are extremely heavy safes that are fireproof and tamper-proof so teens are unable to move or access them. In many areas this is considered the only safe way to store guns. However, the ability of a trigger lock to restrict access from minors is determined by the strength of the box, the strength of the lock, and proper use of the device.

Of course no trigger lock, gun safe, or lock box is safe if the key is in the lock. Every home with firearms and children must have a storage plan for the key and keep any combination codes a secret amongst the adults in the home. Avoid writing down combination codes and keep keys and ammunition out of a child’s reach. If the gun is secured properly with a gun trigger lock, you should be worry-free. By following these precautions to practice proper gun safety, you can have the peace of mind you need to keep both your firearms and family safe in the home.

DISCLAIMER: Wheelchairs Against Guns is a non-profit organization with the mission of protecting children from the dangers of bullying, gangs, and gun violence. This content is provided in the hopes that legal gun owners will exercise precaution and help prevent a gun related incident by unauthorized minors.

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FJM Security SX-105 3-Dial Combination Gun Trigger Lock w/ 1,000 Possible Combinations 2-Pack — $23.39

FJM Security SX-105 gun trigger lock is constructed out of heavy duty black zinc alloy and features chrome plated, pick-proof dials with positive locking system

The gun trigger lock separates into two halves when opened and locks with an adjustable ratchet mechanism for a snug fit – the cushioned pegs prevent scratches

FJM Security handgun trigger locks provide keyless convenience and quick access to your firearm whenever it is needed – no need to hunt down the right key

The revolver trigger lock comes factory set to 0-0-0 – easily reset it to the combination of your choice by simply pressing a paperclip to the reset button

Will work as a Mossberg trigger lock, Remington trigger lock, Winchester trigger lock, Ruger trigger lock, Smith & Wesson trigger lock, Bennelli trigger lock…etc

Master Lock Set Your Own Combination Gun/Trigger Lock 94DSPT — $13.39

GUN LOCK APPLICATION: Best used for handguns, rifles, and shotguns

DURABLE DESIGN: Trigger lock has a steel-and-zinc body for maximum durability; Special rubber cushion pads protect the gun’s finish from marring or scratching

EASE OF USE: Set your own three-digit numeric combination for keyless convenience

STRONG SECURITY: Gun trigger lock features positive locking mechanism with an adjustable ratchet for a secure fit

Master Lock Keyed Gun / Trigger Lock 90TRISPT (3-Pack) — $27.78

GUN LOCK APPLICATION: Best used for handguns, rifles, and shotguns

DURABLE DESIGN: Trigger lock has a steel-and-zinc body for maximum durability; Special rubber cushion pads protect the gun’s finish from marring or scratching

STRONG SECURITY: 4-pin cylinder and dual locking lever mechanism provides pick and pry resistance

SPECIFICATIONS: 1-1/8 wide lock body, 7/32 in. cable diameter, 14 in. cable length; California DOJ approved

INCLUDES: Three trigger locks, two keys; both keys open all three locks

RioRand 3-Digit Combination Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun Trigger Lock (5-Pack) — $29.99

Set-your-own password combination Gun Trigger Lock. Resettable combination locking mechanisms for keyless convenience. Easy to set & reset.

Features positive locking with adjustable ratchet mechanism. Easy to attach and lock.

Durable Material Construction Positive locking with adjustable ratchet mechanism. Protective rubber pads shield can protect gun finish from scratching