Responsible Gun Owner's Safety Equipment


Responsible Gun Ownership Helps Prevent Gun Violence

Wheelchairs Against Guns is a non-profit organization committed to the fight against bullying, gangs, and gun violence. Yet, we recognize and respect the second amendment right of our citizens to bear arms. We also acknowledge the many professionals that are required to carry and/or use firearms on their jobs.

So we would just like to remind and encourage those members of our society to exercise safety precautions when transporting or storing their weapons at home. No decent citizen is proud of the gun violence that plagues our country or the accidental deaths that occur when a firearm is discovered by a minor that does not respect the power of the weapon they are handling.

Responsible gun ownership helps prevent guns from getting in the wrong hands… and that is what Wheelchairs Against Guns is all about!

Here are a few gun safety tips you may want to consider when purchasing equipment:

  • Preventing unauthorized use of firearm by children in the home
  • Protecting firearms from theft
  • Ease of accessibility in the home for self-defense
  • Safe transportation of firearm in vehicles
  • Eye and ear protection when using your weapon
  • Care and maintenance of your firearm to ensure performance and safe operation
  • Local laws regarding firearm storage and transportation

For more detailed information, check out our: Gun Safety Equipment Buyer’s Guide

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