Your support can help us fight bullying and gun violence

Wheelchairs Against Guns is a non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of protecting inner city youth from the dangers of bullying, gangs, and gun violence. Each week, members of our organization visit inner city schools and churches to conduct anti-violence workshops. Our entire program is funded by the disability check of WAG’s founder, Kareem Nelson, and the generosity of a hand full of supporters. If you would like to show your support for our noble cause, here are a few simple ways you can get involved:

Donation — You can make a donation to Wheelchairs Against Guns through our campaign by clicking here: Donate To WAG or using the DONATE button below. Your funds will help pay for wheelchair accessible transportation for our disabled speakers to conduct their weekly anti-violence workshops as well printed materials and other administrative costs.

Spread the word on social media — If you are not in the position to make a financial contribution, you can still show your support by helping us raise awareness on Facebook and Twitter. Click the buttons below to let your social network know you support WAG in our fight against bullying, gangs, and gun violence.